As we all gear up for the launch of the new naked netball calendar tonight, Vantage got in touch with one of the netball team’s social secretaries and inundated her with questions. Although not all our queries were answered (‘Whose body are you most envious of in the netball team?’ was one which fell by the wayside – we don’t know why), we were enlightened about how the day of the photoshoot went and how the girls’ parents felt about their daughters’ charitable actions. Read on to know more about how the naked netball team calendar went this year. If you could ask the netball team a question, what would it be? Tell us in the comment section…

Vantage: How did you feel the day went?

Netball social sec: The overall experience was fantastic! We all had a really good time and so much fun at the shoots. Fortunately, we have a fantastic photographer, Jamie Corbin, who is so supportive and and talked through each shot professionally.

Who is the calendar in aid of?

We’ve decided to raise money for Headley court. It’s a British armed forces rehabilitation centre that gives invaluable support to injured soldiers. We feel this is really worthy cause and the more money we raise for charity, the more we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.

When are the calendars available and where can readers purchase one?

If you follow the link on the facebook page (University of Bristol Netball Club’s Naked Calendar 2013) or go directly to our online shop at I believe it’s £7 for one, and £10 for 2.

How did your families and friends respond to the calendar?

Everyone has been so supportive and positive. Our friends and families understand it’s all in aid of a good cause and that it’s for charity. In fact, we’ve had a substantial amount of orders from friends as the calendars make perfect stocking fillers!

How many girls from the Club were involved and was there any selection process?

Absolutely not. Anyone, from any year or team in the Netball club could get involved. The more the merrier! This year, we’ve had our highest participation with over 30 girls in at least one shot throughout the calendar.

Are any of the photos photoshopped?

No, all the photo are of us naturally. It’s all about real netball girls and our real bodies.

Would you do it again next year?

Absolutely, without a doubt! The reaction to the calendar is always amazing. We’re so lucky to have a brilliant Calendar Secretary this year who has already made is such a success. We’re expected a huge influx of orders before Christmas. Hopefully this will mean we can write a cheque to Headley court in January.

When is your launch night?

Tonight at Dorma (Monday 10th December)!! We’ll be selling calendars all night in the club, complete with a Kissing booth and signed copies of the calendar. Hope to see you there!! Also we’ll be selling calendars on Woodland Road all this week. Look out for us!

Very tasteful… (Copyright Jamie Corbin)